Methodist Youth Glory

 To enlighten the Methodist youth community in the spirit of the Word of God and they may build themselves to be a worthy youth in the society. To develop the Methodist activities all over the Methodist Churches the youth are doing tremendous performances. To organize them we formed THE METHODIST YOUTH GLORY in 1997. There about 4,000 youths are involved with this program. Every Church has an individual youth group is under MYG by impacted of Titus 2:15.  We have plan to do 18 youth meetings in a year(7 will be with overseas Youth friends). Please send your youths to Bangladesh to encourage and develop their faith, whose background was Hindus and Muslims.

MYG is having the following Programs:

  • National Youth Conference
  • Dynamic Youth Seminars
  • Diocese Youth Camps
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Musical Team

Partnership Program with different organization