Bangladesh Methodist Church has been started in 1992 but from 1993  it has been run by the help of Shinpoong Methodist Church of Korea. Until 2015 around 250 students are graduated among them Diploma students are 231 and 19 students are B. Th. The ordained pastors, evangelists who are with BMC are graduated from BMTS. From the beginning Bishop Nibaron Das is the Principal of the BMTS and Rev. Simon R. Biswas become the vice-Principal of BMTS after his graduation on M. Div from MTU, South Korea.




2014-2015 Batch in Diploma there are 19 students who are studying in MTS. In the campus not only the students are living also their families are living including the staff. BMTS is mainly run by the support of Shinpoong Methodist Church of South Korea.




Diagram of Board

  1. Honorable President: Bishop Yeon Kyu Kim (Shinpoong Methodist Church)
  2. Principal: Bishop Nibaron Das (Bangladesh Methodist Church)
  3. Vice Principal: Rev. Simon R. Biswas (Bangladesh Methodist Church)
  4. Member: Korean
  5. Member: Rev. Paritosh Biswas( Dean of Faculty)