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Special fasting prayer

Bangladesh has been attacked by Covid-19 virus and day by day affected numbers are increasing. So we had special fasting prayer on 20 March. We prayed for the victims, and all the countries who are attacked by Covid-19. 

May God bless all our brothers and sisters in the globe. 

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Relief Activities in Bandarban

There was a flood in August in southern part of Bangladesh, specially in Bandarban and hilly area.

We are very much thankful to our Lord God Almighty that we prayed and we have ask many friends in overseas. Many of them replied and prayed with us for the victims. 

TRAC from Singapore Methodist Church specially extend their hand of love for those victims in Bandarban and Ruma are. By their help we were able to give some token of love to them. We gave them 50kg of Rice, 5Kg pulse, 5kg salt, 2 liters soybean oil, and 6pcs of Iron Sheet. 

The victims were very happy to received it. And we are very much thankful to TRAC of Singapore Methodist Church. May God bless them more and more. 

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Flood in Bangladesh

There are flood in different area in Bangladesh. Specially northern part of Bangladesh also in southern part of Bangladesh. 

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Afternoon School

We the Bangladesh Methodist Church start an afternoon school from last September for the slam students, who goes to school but have not much opportunity to give private tuition to the students in home. Very first time it has been started with 16 students but now we have 21 students.  Students encouraged to come to the AFTERNOON SCHOOL for study.

Elder Hwang Sun Koo take the initiative to start the school 6 months ago. 6 volunteers willing to help the school. Today the 14th December was the year end activities of the school. Thanks God for His blessing. 

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Founder Bishop is nomore

We are very sorry to inform you that our First and Founder Bishop, Bishop Nibaron Das Passed away round 11pm on 23rd November, 2018 by massive heart attack.

He established the Methodist Church on 12 August, 1984 with the motto “Soul winning and Church Planting”.

He was born on 5th July 1950 in Gopalganj District and died on 23rd November, 2018. 

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18th Anniversary of DCMC

By the Grace of God we have celebrate the 18th Anniversary of DCMC(Dhaka Central Methodist Church) at 6pm at DCMC.

DCMC is the Central Church as well as Head Quarter of BMC(Bangladesh Methodist Church). We are very much happy and thankful to Lord to get the opportunity to celebrate the worship.

Also we have celebrate the 65th Birth Day of Honorable Presiding Bishop, Bishop Nibaron Das. May God bless and grant him long life.

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Ordination Service

In the 19th Anniversary of DCMC(Dhaka Central Methodist Church) there are Seven Pastors are Ordained. In this ordination service was led by Bishop Yeon Gyu Kim, Bishop of Seoul South Annual Conference of Korean Methodist Church and Bishop Nibaron Das, Bishop of Bangladesh Methodist Church.

Seven Pastors were selected to be ordained from the six dioceses.

1. Rev. Suvas Sarker from Dhaka Diocese

2. Rev. Silas Suvas Sarker from Dhaka Diocese

3. Rev. Paresh Baroi from Gopalganj Diocese

4. Rev. Jacob Sarker from Khulna Diocese

5. Rev. Profullo Halder from Shathkhira Diocese

6. Rev. Thomas Baroi from Jessore Diocese

7. Rev.  Philimon Kisku from Dinajpur Diocese

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Mission Trip to Barokona Methodist Church

There were a consecration service and a revival meeting at Barokona Methodist Church in North Bengal.

Kwang Myong Methodist Church, Korea who are the donor of the church has visited the church and lead the worship. There are 150 students in the project, came and had experienced many Korean cultural events as well as heard the Gospel of Christ. And in the evening many people came and experienced God and Holy Spirit. Thanks God for His Un-Ending Blessings.

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Consecration of Mathartola M. Church

We are very much thankful to God as well as to the family of Exalt Joon Seok Lee of Bucheon Kwanglim Methodist Church in Korea who helped to build “Lee Cho Young Hall” for the poor students of the area to help their studies. It was dedicated on 1st July,2015.

His wife Mrs. Lee Cho Young died 2 years back by the attack of Cancer. The medicine was very expensive, so Mrs. Lee told her husband “please do a mission work in the remembrance of mine instead of wasting  money for my treatment”. So as per her request Mr. Lee help to build the “Lee Cho Young” Memorial Hall for the the children in Bangladesh, which will be used for the education purpose for the poor students.

Again we the Bangladesh Methodist Church is very much thankful to them as well as the Pastor Rev. Han Bae Lee of Bucheon Kwanglim Methodist Church.

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