Consecration of Mathartola M. Church

We are very much thankful to God as well as to the family of Exalt Joon Seok Lee of Bucheon Kwanglim Methodist Church in Korea who helped to build “Lee Cho Young Hall” for the poor students of the area to help their studies. It was dedicated on 1st July,2015.

His wife Mrs. Lee Cho Young died 2 years back by the attack of Cancer. The medicine was very expensive, so Mrs. Lee told her husband “please do a mission work in the remembrance of mine instead of wasting  money for my treatment”. So as per her request Mr. Lee help to build the “Lee Cho Young” Memorial Hall for the the children in Bangladesh, which will be used for the education purpose for the poor students.

Again we the Bangladesh Methodist Church is very much thankful to them as well as the Pastor Rev. Han Bae Lee of Bucheon Kwanglim Methodist Church.