History of BMC

 The history says that in the past God sent His people or prophet through the ages to speak to the Nations as a God’s message even through the Dark ages. The 18th Century remarked the Dark ages in the history of England. During the age’s God sent His man named John Wesley who is the founder of the World-Wide Methodist Movement. God used him in a mighty way to extend His Kingdom in England, America, Scotland, Ireland and all over the world. That is why John Wesley said, “The World is my Parish”.

The 12 August, 1984, was the remarkable historical day of Methodist Movement in Bangladesh. After completion M. Div Degree Rev. Nibaron Das (Present Bishop) has started Methodist Church in a small way at his residence with the twelve believers were gathered for worship. Since that day the Bangladesh Methodist Church started as a newborn baby and the seed of Methodist was sown. Through all kinds of hardshipness and hindrance the BMC went through to achieve their goal. But during period of straggles by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and blessing by Lord we are able to reach our destiny in order to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matt. 28:16-20. and the vision and Mission of John Wesley,  “The World is my Parish”.

Praise and Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Today Bangladesh Methodist Church is raising as a Denomination in among the Protestant denominations in Bangladesh. Actually our Church plantation movement launched through the Baptism of 30 rural people at the village named Kandi, in the Southern part of the country from December 18, 1990. That was the new arena to extend His Kingdom through the Methodist denomination. We had tremendous financial crisis and Traditional opposition were very strong. But we do praise God that nothing could stop us to achieve our vision and target as Isaiah 54:2 with patience and endurance. Along with Methodist friends, Bishop Das were able to overcome the obstacles by the grace of God.

Our priority and desire to extend His Kingdom in this country to all the people of the languages, culture and the religious. We do believe the Paul’s vision regarding the Church Planting , “It has always been my ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation”. (Romans 15:20). It was not an easy task for us because of a mountain oppositions. We were committed to continuing with Church planting and establishing the Methodist Church in Bangladesh even if it will be at the cost of our life. The word of God says,”So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God….”(Isaiah 41:10).

We are ever grateful to our Lord Jesus as well as our Korean friends who have been extended their cordial co-operation from the very beginning. Without their fervent prayer as well as financial assistance it was not possible to continue to establish the Methodist Church in Bangladesh. Specially we would like to extend our heartiest gratitude to Dr. Kim Hong Do(Kumnan Methodist Church), Rev. Kwang-won Kim(Retired Pastor of Shinpoong Methodist Church), Young Dong Po District, SEAMA is known as Bangladesh Mission Association (BMA) KMC, Elders of Kumnan & Shinpoong Methodist Church as well as our beloved friend Mr. S. K. Kim, who is really able to make a bridge between Bangladesh and Korean Methodist Church. Mr. Kim’s role is like an angel in order to promote the Methodist Church in Bangladesh. We do praise God that Bangladesh Methodist Church is recognized as a Pioneer of Church Planting in this country.

The New Milestone of Bangladesh Methodist Church :

Prophet Isaiah said, “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes” (Isaiah 54:2). God wants complete obedience. We need to hear His voice. We started to stretch our tent’s curtains sincerely where there is no hope. We tried to understand the meaning of the word of God.

Every year we used to get baptized thousand of people and established new Churches in different parts of the country. The Holy Spirit guided us to bring the people into His Kingdom. Our goal is to evangelize with the unreached Muslims, Hindus and Tribal. By the power of the Holy Spirit Bangladesh Methodist Church is growing rapidly, out of our imagination.

Theologically to trained up our pastors and Evangelists to use them to extend the Kingdom of God. We deserving the first preference to establish the Theological Training Center in impacted of Matthew 9:37-39. Since 1991, the foundation stone was led of the Theological Training Center named Kumnan Bible School at Kamalapur, Savar, only 30 km. from Dhaka. To make ensure and followed to the Seminary academic curriculum and the name was Methodist Theological Seminary in view of upgrading the program.

The four-storied Seminary Building was built by Shinpoong Methodist Church. We are thankful to them. In the Building there are classrooms, dormitory, library, staff-quarter and guest room with a total area of the land 245 decimals. The accommodation capacity of the dormitories are 45 (18 Couples and 9 Singles) and every year 20 students have completed their two-years Theological courses and having the certificate named Diploma in Theology. From January’05 we started B.Th course and 12 students are studying who were graduated the Diploma course from MTS and worked with us in different churches. Since 1992 by December 2008 there are 231 students have got Graduation Degree. Successfully complete two-years Diploma course and B. Th Courses, the students get opportunity to Minster the Churches in rural area under Bangladesh Methodist Church.

The program of B.Th(Bachelor of Theology) has been started with 12 students from January 2005. It will bring a dimension to train pastors to look after the church effectively. Thanks those who are striving to make it furnish. We are praying to make an another milestone to begin the program is called M. Div(Master of Divinity) from January 2015. Please keep in praying for this new adventure for the glorification of the Lord in this land.

We are grateful to our teachers who are giving their precious time, teaching to build up the Methodist Theological Seminary’s students with diligence, patience and servants of Lord.

The New Arena:

Since 1984 we launched to move the Church Plantation and Evangelism works which we could not think even that we shall be able to build such a large Church Building in Dhaka. But miraculously it has been happened incredible to the sight of the human being. The Word of God says,” Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5  ” and Modern Missionary William Carey said, ” Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God”.

Since 1st July, 1997, consecrated the four-storied Dhaka Central Methodist Church building has to add a new arena in the Bangladesh Methodist Church.  Rev. Nibaron Das was ordained as a BISHOP of Bangladesh Methodist Church on 1 July,1997. Also in presently the BMC is the member of NCC- Bangladesh and the Member of Bible Society also as being known one of the biggest evangelical denominations through out the two hundred years history of Protestantism and the first Bishop of Bangladesh Methodist Church. Also BMC is the member of AMC as well as WMC.

Since the turning point of the church planting movement of BMC the Churches have been rapidly expanded year after year dramatically: